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Tube Cover

The Adventures of Team Super Tubie

A children's book celebrating the super power of growing up with a feeding tube.

While their parents think they are sleeping, three brave Super Tubies- Camden, Marcel, and Lola- get calls on the Tubie Message Center and have to spring into action.  Will the power from their feeding tubes help these superheroes save the day?

In the empowering Adventures of Team Super Tubie, a diversity of tubes - a G-tube, an N-G tube, and TPN - are used as these heroes fight fires, battle dragons, and capture bank thieves.  Being a Super Tubie has never been so much fun!

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"We received our book the day our son came home after getting his NG Tube. Perfect timing! We are so grateful for this book featuring our kids!" -Lauryn, mother of an NG Super Tubie

I would love to show my son that he is not alone and there are other Super Tubies like him. Thank you for your gift to all kids with tubes. As far as I’m concerned that makes you a super hero also!” - Ami, mother to 4 year old Super Tubie