The inspiration to write The Adventures of Team Super Tubie, came from author Kristi Meyer's son, Camden.  Diagnosed as a baby with Eosinophilic Esophagitis, which led to poor weight gain, Camden had a G-tube placed when he was two-and-a-half years old. The decision to place the tube was difficult, but necessary, and ultimately the best decision for his health and wellbeing.

Being thrust into the world of chronic disease and feeding tubes left the Meyer family anxious to find resources and support wherever possible. The feeding tube community was instrumental in this learning process. 

 "I wanted to write this book to help kids with feeding tubes, and other special needs, see themselves as the brave super heroes that they are, and to feel proud that the thing that makes them different, is also where they can find their greatest strength!", Kristi Meyer, author.

I’ve been meaning to buy this book for a long time. I cry every time I watch your video! My daughter is turning 2 and will probably have her G-tube for another year or two. Thank you for normalizing feeding tubes!
— Lindsay, mother of a Super Tubie