This week I had the amazing opportunity to visit Washington Elementary School in Mount Vernon.  The visit was set up as an opportunity to "meet a real author" which made me laugh as I feel like the same working mother of four that I was before - not someone famous! :)  It was an amazing visit in which I had the opportunity to read the book, answer questions, and raise awareness for feeding tubes.  I was incredibly impressed by all of the insightful questions that the students had.  Most were related to feeding tubes and how to write and publish a book - with a few stories sprinkled in about their own personal writings, past surgeries, and cool ideas of what additional Tubie books we should write.  I was honored to be a small part of their learning process related to writing, reading, and accepting difference.  I loved how proud they each were in realizing that they too could one day be an author, and that when they embrace each other for their unique abilities, we are all a stronger community!

Go Tubie Power!